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รหัสสินค้า:BOSCH CCS 1000 D


รุ่น:BOSCH CCS-1000D Digital Discussion System

Type:Wired Digital Conference Microphone

System:Digital Conference Microphone

Max units connect/control:80


Microphone:3‑pole XLR female (ambient) microphone connector with phantom supply for connecting an external micr

Interconnect Type:2 x 6‑pole circular female connector for connecting Discussion Devices.

Control:RJ45 Ethernet socket for connecting a network cable

Aux/Mic In:2

Aux/Mic Out:4+2

Camera:Automatic camera control

Future:Digital Acoustic Feedback Suppression (DAFS),digitally record and playback up to 4,000 hours of disc


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BOSCH CCS 1000 D Conference Microphone


Designed for plug-and-play, ease-of-use and
highly productive meetings
 Excellent speech intelligibility with built-in Digital Acoustic Feedback Suppression
 Built-in audio recording on internal memory and/or USB memory stick
 Native support for automatic HD camera control
 Advanced configuration and control via built-in web browser
 Energy save mode for automatic switch off after 2 hours of inactivity
 Ideal for small and medium sized meetings such as in town halls, courtrooms and business centers

Excellent speech intelligibility
Advanced digital audio processing, as well as superior
microphone and loudspeaker performance ensure every
word spoken will be understood by all your participants.
The system utilizes, built-in Digital Acoustic Feedback
Suppression (DAFS), meaning higher volumes are
possible without howling.conference microphone What’s more,
the loudspeakerand the microphone are activated simultaneously to
create a more natural face-to-face meeting feel. The
result? Excellent speech intelligibility with every word
spoken clearly understood by all participants, who can
stay focused on the subject being discussed.

Plug-and-play installation
The system is very quick and easy to install. No training is
needed. Even with automatic camera control, it can be
set up within a few minutes, without any additional
software. The system includes native support for
automatic HD camera control when using Bosch HD
Conference Domes, resulting in crisp clear images of
active speakers. It is perfect for small-to-medium scale
fi xed meeting areas as well as for rental companies who
can use it for their day-to-day mobile set-ups.

Easy to use
The system’s extreme ease-of-use makes it ideal for
fi rst-time users. No operator, no additional equipment,
and no training are required. The Control Unit display is
intuitive and language-independent. The Discussion
Devices are also easy to use and have just one button.
The chairperson’s device has two: ‘speak’ and ‘priority’.
In addition, the patent pending “Possible-To- Speak”
indication and “Request-To-Speak” queue mean that
participants can focus on what is being said, without
having to repeatedly press a button.

Simple and/or advanced control
Usually the system is used as a simple, plug-and-play
discussion system. In these cases the chairperson can
control the meeting via the intuitive buttons on the
Control Unit’s front panel. For more conference microphone
advanced control the chairperson can use a laptop or tablet
running a web browser. With web browser control the chairperson
can see the names of delegates, their microphone’s on/off
status, and who is in the ‘Request-To-Speak’ queue. Web
browser control also allows up to 10 microphones to be
simultaneously active.

Convenient recording
The system can digitally record and playback up to
4,000 hours of discussion using a single 128GB USB
stick. In addition, it can record up to eight hours on its
built-in internal memory, so users are always confi dent
of recording every word even if someone forgot the
USB stick.

The highly reliable choice
Bosch is world-renowned for the reliability of its systems,
regardless of the application size. Hence, the CCS 1000
Digital Discussion System, with its superior materials and
component choices together with extensive quality
assurance processes, ensure that users enjoy freefl
owing, highly-productive meetings, while dealers and
rental companies benefi t from lower call-back costs and
higher customer satisfaction for conference microphone.

With advanced features such as
the ‘Possible-To-Speak’, internal
and external recording options,
and web browser control,
chairpersons enjoy efficient
meeting management and
participants achieve optimized

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