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DIS DC 6990P

DIS DC 6990P

รหัสสินค้า:DIS DC 6990P


รุ่น:DCS 6000 Digital Conference System



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Delegate/Dual Delegate/ Chairman Conference Unit

DC 6990P Delegate/Dual Delegate/ ChairmanConference Unit

• 3.5 inch LCD colourtouch screen
• Single or dual delegateoperation
• XLR connector forgooseneck microphone
• Chip card reader
• Two channel selectors
• Loudspeaker
• Easy change of pushbuttons to match functionality

The DC 6990P is a fully digital portableconference unit with a largeLCD Graphical Colour Touch Screenfor use in the DIS DCS 6000 DigitalConferenceSystem.This conference unit is intended foruse in conference halls, parliaments,meeting rooms and all other places,where a person needs a conference unitfor either receiving information or addressinginformation to other personsattending the conference or to personsnot participating in the conference.The unit is designed for the use of eitherone or two persons. The unit providestwo separate ID’s when shared by twopersons for camera control or individualvote counting.

There is a large available space on therear side of the unit for name signs,logo etc.The conference unit can be used eitherby chairmen, delegates, secretarialstaff, technicians/operators and/orthe audience.The following system operation modesare available:Automatic, FIFO, Manual and VOX(Voice Activation) as well as mixedoperation modes (with SW 6000).The unit is designed for portable use.

The DC 6990P features:
• “Speak” push button to activate/deactivatethe microphone
• Large Light Bar indication for microphoneOn (red) or in request queue(green)
• “Mute” push button for muting ownmicrophone
• Auto Off of microphone
• Three microphone interrupt abilitymodes enabling “ping pong” microphoneoperation
• Lockable XLR plug for DIS GM44xxSeries Gooseneck Microphone
• High quality loudspeaker
• Two built-in channel selectors withFloor + 31 languages
• Chip card reader for user identification
• Selectable to work as delegate unit,dual delegate unit or chairman uniteither by using the menu on the LCDscreen or the SW 6000
• Large LCD Graphical Colour TouchScreen with facilities like:
- Screen language selection
- Login
- Speakers list
- Request list
- Interpretation channel andvolume setting
- Speech time
- Time and date
- 3 or 5 buttons voting
- Voting results
- Delegate information
- Conference information
- Agenda
- Messages
• Easy exchange of the push buttons
• Digital Audio Transmission
• Single cable "Loop Through"
• Free cable topology with repeater
• Unique ID no. identification duringsystem initialization

Additional features when configuredas Dual Delegate:
• Usable for two delegates
• Two “Speak” push buttons to activate/deactivate the microphone
• “Mute” function for muting ownmicrophone

Voting, VOX (Voice Activation) andDual Delegate functionality isCU Feature License dependant.Some touch screen features are only available when using SW 6000.

Microphone Connection
Mic. type: DIS Electret Cardioid

DIS LAN Connections
I/O for daisy chain connection withdigital STP/FTP Cat5 screened
For previous and next DCS 6000series conference units or CU 6010Central Unit.

Cable access from the rear, left sideright side or from the bottom throughthe table.
Connector type: RJ-45, screenedwith auto-termination

Channel Selector
Headphone connection:
2 x 3,5 mm jack female stereosocket for analogue output of all 31 languages
Frequency response:
100-15 kHz

Frequency Range: 150 Hz - 15 kHz
Power maximum: 3 W RMS

Audio section
Freq. Response: 100 Hz - 15 kHz
THD: < 0,1%
S/N: > 90 dBA

3,5 inch LCD Graphical Colour Touch Screen
320 x 240 pixels (QVGA)

Physical Characteristics
Dimensions (HxWxD):75 x 266 x 155 mm
Weight: 900 g
Temperature Range: 5 º - 40 º C

Electrical Characteristics
Power Requirements:
Supplied from CU 6010
Power Consumption:
4,0 W (typical)


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